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02/08/13 Mary Ludgin

For the Real Real Real Real Realty Club

02/12/15 Mary Ludgin

Coming Soon

02/18/13 Karen Case

Capital Markets

09/05/14 Jeffrey Havsy

Real Estate Investment Market Overview

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09/17/10 Robert Bach

Outlook for Commercial Real Estate

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1/13/12 John Melaniphy

Retail Outlook

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1/16/12 Alicia Berg

Chicago Student Housing

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1/25/13 Mike Mallon

Is the Grocery Store Dying?

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10/19/12 Jim McShane

Overcoming Economic Challenges w/Strategic Planning

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3/23/12 Paul Kasriel

Not all Credit is created Equal

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January 2018 Mary Ludgin

Hurricanes and Fires and Floods, Oh My!

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March 2011 Jeff Bramson

Capital Markets Overview

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